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Our Booth

Our booth is a state of the art photobooth which is compact and stylish, it uses the latest technology to ensure that you have the highest quality photos and prints, in the shortest time possible. It is sleek, quick to erect and can be dismantled and removed from the venue within 20 minutes or less with minimal disruption to you or your guests, you can choose between colour, black & white, sepia pictures.

No more squeezing in to a little box, this gives you freedom to move around, change your pose, and most importantly have fun.

For our set up we need a minimum of 3 x 3 metres

The Instant Fun Photobooth set up

Photo Booth Props

a selection of our props for the Photobooth
Guests with our unique props

We have a vast selection of props from hand held signs, hats & wigs, Glasses and some more unique props. Of which we bring to every event.

If given notice we can even bring themed props to add to our large collection.

More quality props for fun in the photobooth
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